The Startup fever is now blooming in Hong Kong, 2Easy handpicked 12 hottest HK startups you shouldn’t miss out!

Hotel Quickly

(Since 2013)
Founders: Christian Mischler,
Mario Peng, Michal Juhas, Raphael
Cohen and Tomas Laboutka

The idea for the start-up came from the founders of HotelQuickly, who – while traveling for business throughout Asia — saw the need for a tool that would make last-minute booking simple and stress-free.


(Since 2013)
Founder: Alister Musgrave
MoneyHero gives users quick and easy access to resources that help you understand various financial products in the Hong Kong market. In addition to the detailed and customizable comparison tables, users can get access to resourceful guides, frequently asked questions and topical articles exploring new ways to save money in Hong Kong.

Monexo Innovations

(Since 2014)
Founders: Mukesh Bubna,
Sonal Bengani and M. Sundar
Monexo旨在為中小企僱主及其僱員提供快捷及實惠的融資。 注重透明度及使用一流技術的Monexo很榮幸能與中小企各界合作,在處理其借貸需要時為其降低利 息成本及提升效率。
Monexo believes SMEs deserve better. Monexo aim to provide fast and affordable financing to SME owners and their employees. With the focus on transparency and the use of best-in-class technology, Monexo is proud to partner with the SME community to lower their interest costs and increase their efficiency when addressing their loan needs.


(Since 2014)
Founders: Elliot Leung

Gaifong 「街坊」一站式物品租賃平台,讓用定隨時隨地向附近用戶,租入生活上一切所需!租入攝影器材、戶外用品、遊戲機。用完即還,不用購買或擁有。
Gaifong is an online community where users can rent anything users want from people in your vicinity. Rent cameras, tents, outdoor gear, and much more – just return when you’re done!


(Since 2014)
Founder: Eric Gnock Fah,
Ethan Lin and Bernie Xiong
The mission of Klook is to seek out only the best activities and always guarantee the best prices with the exclusive insider deals.



(Since 2013)
Founder: Simon Loong
WeLab’s mission is to innovate traditional credit services in order to better serve consumers with a cheaper, faster and more hassle-free way of borrowing money.

WeLab’s lending platforms are powered by WeDefend, the company’s proprietary risk management technology, which combines machine learning, big data technologies, and unstructured data to deliver a streamlined risk management and customer experience.


(Since 2015)
Founders: Norman
Cheung and Carl Wu


Boxful is more than just storage. Boxful is about creating a lifestyle where space isn’t a luxury – it’s flexible and right at your fingertips. Boxful was founded on the belief that storage should be simple, affordable, and secure.


(Since 2012)
Founders: Paul Tomes,
Nick Murray
Founded in 2012, PassKit is headquartered in Hong Kong. The software as a service enables users across the globe to integrate the latest customer engagement technologies into their business. PassKit has grown to be the market leader, recognized as world-class experts in unlocking new revenue from mobile wallet content, proximity marketing, beacon technology, big data and more.

Dragon Law

(Since 2015)
Founder: Daniel Walker,
Jacob Fisch, Emmanuel Pitsilis
Dragon Law offers a cheaper and quicker alternative to hiring a traditional law firm by selling subscriptions to templates for routine contracts, empowering companies to do some of their legal administration themselves.


(Since 2014)
Founders: Timothy Yu,
Bradley Chiang, Phoebe Hung
Snapask 相信每位學生,不論背景、能力,均可享受個人化的學習體驗。自小親身經歷填鴨式教育的創辦人,曾於香港開設專門提供小班教學的補習社;後來,為推廣「因材施教」的教育模式 ,他們決定將重心轉移至流動平台。
Snapask was founded to provide personalised learning experiences to every student, regardless of background or status. Having grown up experiencing cram school culture first-hand, the founders started offering small class learning experiences through a small scale tutoring center in HK. In order to make these experiences more accessible, they later decided to shift their efforts to a mobile platform.


(Since 2015)
Founders: Tommaso Tamburnotti,
Augustin Ceyrac
Easyship is to make shipping around the world easy. Logistics doesn’t have to stay complicated and boring. Online merchants have had to restrict their market reach due to the unnecessary complexities of international shipping and Easyship is here to change that. Easyship enables individuals, small businesses and corporations to ship from one side of the world to the other without any worries.


(Since 2012)
Founders: Koen Munneke
GROM’s web application allows doctors to offer corrective and stylish footwear by using 3D printing to replicate a prescription and integrate it directly into a shoe’s footbed.


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