Why Magento is the Best eCommerce Platform For You

Why Magento is the Best eCommerce Platform For You

Magento as the Best eCommerce Platform

When establishing your eCommerce website, the first and most important decision you will make is choosing the right platform to use. With a number of good options available, you will find useful features and capabilities in all of them. But that doesn’t mean they all provide the right combination of tools to ensure your success. But with Magento, the Best eCommerce Platform, you will find everything you need.

Magento was created by developers who have their users in mind. They understand what is needed to make an eCommerce application user friendly without compromising customization and options.

Researches estimate that by 2019, over 3.5 trillion dollars will be spent in online stores. With more businesses and entrepreneurs wanting a piece of the pie, you will need the Best eCommerce Platform that will work for you and your company. Magento strives to provide everything you need for your eCommerce site and they work to make sure everything from the customer experience to income management runs smoothly and efficiently.

Magento is likely to be the best option for you (the Best eCommerce Platform) because they focus on helping you succeed. This is done through the provision of back-end tools that include security protections and optimization settings. Moreover, Magento allows you to connect the site with an array of external platforms through third-party integration. This helps not only to augment sales, but also to improve the customer experience.

Some key components that make Magento the best choice for your eCommerce website are:

1: Optimized for Mobile Devices

Many consumers today do their shopping on the mobile devices while on the go. To accommodate, Magento shopping carts are effortlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

2: Content Management System

The Magento editor page has a visual and intuitive interface. When you are building your site, it will be free of surprises, showing up online just as you see it in the editing process. This means you can easily adapt and edit customizations and manipulate functions within the shopping cart without fear of how the end result will appear.

3: Multiple Stores Options

Magento allows you to create and manage multiple eCommerce stores in one instance. This can even be done with stores in different languages and currencies; a benefit that is hard to come by in other platforms and is of major benefit to larger companies aiming to serve a global market.

4: Built-in Web Shop Features

Magento has a massive number of built-in features designed with eCommerce web shops in mind. This includes support for multi-site and multi-domain setups.

5: Modular Design

This allows for individualized front-end customizations such as layouts and templates as well as backend customizations allowing for rewrites, grids, events etc.

6: Advanced SEO

The Magento platform was designed with SEO in mind. This increases the likelihood that your products will appear on web searches like Google, Bing and more. Plus, if you have the background and skills, the platform allows you to implement your own custom SEO options.

7: Search-Engine Friendly URL’s

Magento allows you to customize the URL, that is web address, of each and every page on your website. This means that you can specify your products as you see fit, even if the page is only a picture. IT also allows SEO agencies to build great campaigns.

8: Sitemaps

Magento provides built-in sitemaps that allow search engines to access your website pages in order to be indexed faster so that searches yield results faster, allowing your customers to find products swiftly and easily.

9: Most Viewed Products Feature

Magento has a feature that allows you to see which of your products is most viewed. This helps shop owners make inventory decisions and to market popular products to new customers. By applying the 80/20 rule, you can make these top products easier for shoppers to find.

10: Streamlines the Customer Fulfillment Process

Customers can complete their orders easily with Magento. Multiple pictures of each product can be viewed, shipping options are clear and easy to find and a one-click checkout option is available.

11: Separate Pricing for Distributors and Customers

Magento allows you to set up discount options that apply to specific distributors and customers. This means that you can decide on a customized set of discounts or incentives for high volume purchases, provide shipping discounts, specific product discounts etc.

12: International Support

Magento provides localization support available for multiple currencies, tax rates and languages. This includes language features to allow accented characters and the right to left text. The Best eCommerce Platform also allows configuration for country specific features such as European Union VAT-ID validation, EU cookie notification, etc.

13: Spacious and Powerful , the Best eCommerce Platform

The Magento platform can support up to 500,000 products on one site, and handle more than 80,000 orders per hour. So if you have a booming business, or big dreams, the platform can accommodate your growth.

14: Product Support

Like many platforms, Magento offers general site maintenance support. What is special, is their emergency support services, allowing you to run your store effectively at any hour. This maximizes your investment and allows you to meet your customer’s needs. If additional hosting expenses are required, you will be informed in advance so you can make decisions accordingly.

15: Built-in Upsells and Cross-sells

With Magento, you can add prompts on product and checkout pages encouraging customers to browse related items. Margins can be customized to show similar appropriate accessories and add-ons. This enriches the user experience and increases sales potential.

16: Easy third-party integrations

Magento can be connected with eBay, Paypal, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping, QuickBooks, and more. The Best eCommerce Platform also allows shop owners to add third party integrations like Google Analytics to help in data analysis.

17: Customize Security Permissions

Magento helps you keep your site safe. You can customize security permissions on multiple levels via internal access. PCI data security is included, login pages are CAPTCHA-equipped, and unwanted breaches are minimized with secondary password prompts.

18: An Enormous Community

Over 240,000 businesses use Magento for their ecommerce needs. Officially certified Magento developers hail from all over the world with well over an estimated 800,000 developers. This means that you will have a strong support system and lots of opportunity to make business connections.

19: Filtered Search Options for Shoppers

The user experience is enhanced with dynamic features that allow customers to filter product searches according to multiple parameters. Customers can utilize product tag filters, reviews, and recently viewed options along with auto-fill suggestions for searches.

20: Saves Time and Money

Magento’s open-source platform results in a widespread library of extensions developed by the worldwide community. Because of this, you can save valuable time by using and sharing community tools rather than building them from scratch.

21: Consolidate Multiple Sites Under One Platform

Magento allows you to manage multiple stores using one inventory system. As your business grows you can add additional stores and keep all inventory systems connected.

So there you have it, 21 reasons why Magento is the right platform for your eCommerce needs. Check it out; you won’t be disappointed.


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