How the Finance Industry will Spend 1.3 Billion on Video Production in 2019

How the Finance Industry will Spend 1.3 Billion on Video Production in 2019

How the Finance Industry will Spend 1.3 Billion on Video Production in 2019

Video production is nothing new in the financial industry. In fact, it has already created its name as it has hit the 1.3-billion-dollar mark in 2018 alone. Whether it is FinTech, SaaS or financial institutions, a video is a great must-have for digitizing private and retail financial service industry. See how the financial sector can make it up with the billion-dollar marks on video production in 2019 that will inspire you.


Spending a Billion on Video Marketing in 4 Ways

#1: Implementing a Mobile Friendly Banking

A mobile and social approach to mobile-banking is a key for efficient and accessible banking experience. Security is important in a bank and this means personal information should be kept confidential at all times. If you have banking apps right in your pocket and can monitor your account when you are on the go, you can get the easiness and convenience you deserve.

Customers can’t visit a bank all the time. Creating in-app videos can be a big chance to explain services clearly as well as the savings and ins and outs of the banking business. It is easy to gain their trust when you create a video with the FinTech apps or BNP Paribas as this can give efficient features for an ultimate viewing.


HSBC posted this video on their Facebook page to promote “Payme”.

#2: Offering a More Personal Experience

When it comes to the financial industry, a more personal touch point is what customers are craving for. Creating interactive and personal video ads tailored to their needs can make them feel valued more than a shopper. Whether it is for an email campaign or mobile app, personalized video like calling customers by name is really great for their amazing experience.

Sometimes, reading a mountain of fine prints is something that tired out. Use video instead to help users navigate the terms and conditions of your business, its features and the benefits they can get. You can use Smart Video technology to leverage the power of video or consider the user-generated content in the finance sector. Santander will give you an idea of how to create engaging video content showcasing authenticity and incredible richness through the help of customer’s mobile footage. Life is great no matter how busy it is; let your users know that through the video you create.


#3: Developing Transparency and Agility in Video Production

Video production is a perfect tool for promoting transparency in an external and internal part of any firm. Several banks have to go through transitions such as restructuring and organizing shifts. With that in mind, they need a tool to get it done the sprightly way. Video naturally provides authenticity and communicates clearly during events like mergers, branch closures, and acquisitions.

Don’t forget the importance of the HR video. It can be used best when agile HR structures are taking over as this can streamline communication across different departments. In addressing the company’s need for transparency and agility with video execution, ING can be a great example. Get healthy and honest brand out by using videos like this for your social media presence, websites, and even YouTube channels.



BMO Financial Group – Diversity and Inclusion Renewal for Sustainable Change



#4: Leveraging Customer Service with Video Marketing

Video marketing is beneficial in both offline and online world. It is important to remember that money never sleeps and the addition of offline videos can truly be a big help when branch hours were cut off. The amazing offline video booth in Brussels will allow you set up at selected ATM branches of your choice to get answers to the bank’s burning banking questions.

There is also a live video calling with a representative to address all the concerns and queries as soon as possible. The use of video for financial institutions can lead to a more convenient, better customer experience that is worth a billion-dollar prize!



Bank of America ATM with Teller Assist: More Hours, More Choices



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