Video Marketing: Reshaping the Financial Services Industry at its Best

Video Marketing: Reshaping the Financial Services Industry at its Best

Video Marketing: Reshaping the Banking / Financial Services Industry at its Best

Today, the financial industry is no longer just competing with other banks or financial firms. They are competing with positive customer experience anyone is offering. One thing that can keep consumers coming back for more is to let them understand what products and services suit them best with video marketing. However, doing so is a big challenge – especially if you have a lack of value in the inbound movement. 

When it comes to finances, it is important to let people navigate different products and services available to them. If it is good for customers then it is good for the business. This is why enhancing inbound marketing efforts is important and video production is one effective way to make a difference.



Importance of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the use of various strategies in order to make products and services visible to consumers. This includes giving all the information they need about your brand. When you let people know who you are, what you can do and how they can benefit from what you’re offering, you somewhat clean their way through your store. In return, they will trust you and will purchase more.

Insurance and credit card companies, as well as accounting agencies, have to understand what this video marketing really is to drive sales and give shoppers the best experience. Wrapping their head around can be tricky, so learn to make everything clear and precise. Break the hassle and help them visit your store the easiest way.

For instance, if you are offering different mortgage loan options and you want to educate people about your business, simply defining a word might not be enough. Including a graph with various interest rates, list of requirements, term lengths and other important details can be helpful.

However, online shopping is a matter of quick and easy process. Letting your consumers read through pages and pages of content about your product and services will drive them away. This is why inbound marketing should embrace the beauty of video production.


Benefits of Video Production for Insurance Companies / Banks / Brokerage houses

Video production is a valuable strategy for any industry offering products and financial services. It is an effective content marketing tactic that can help reshape businesses and bring out success.

A video is a perfect tool to gain more transparency and agility. It can be used to communicate clearly and deliver streamline information naturally. While promoting a healthy and honest brand, going through a video production works great in both the company’s internal and external factor.

A study shows that 46% of consumers online are searching for a product with a video presentation and there is 90% of consumers believed that product video production is a big help to their purchase decision.

YouTube is undeniably the largest video platform online. In fact, it is the second biggest search engine in the world which accounts for 50% internet traffic. A video is critical in this hectic pace and this huge social media channel is living evidence.

As people retain around 95% of the videos they have watched, it is easy to understand why it is very effective in spreading out information throughout the globe. Videos are not just for customers. There are approximately 75% of executives watch at least one video a week as well. To make finance industry an even more customer-centric, companies focus on B2B for the power.


Effective Use of Video Production


Effective Use of Video Marketing & Production

Online video is a trend and is gaining popularity in various firms. Watching a video is very effective over reading text messages. Adopting high volume, low-cost video production these days can significantly boost a company’s inbound success. This is how important it is to create a video that clicks rather than just implementing one with no effort.


Try to make Viral Videos

Making a video go viral is quite rare and does not happen all the time. Since everyone doesn’t have control over it, it is important to focus on providing helpful information and educating viewers instead. Video marketing can be great for brand awareness and exposure. Translate success by trying to make it viral.


Give more Focus on Inbound

Inbound and outbound marketing are both helpful in acquiring business success. The main difference between the two is that outbound forces information to viewers such as TV ads while inbound does not. Inbound marketing makes informing and benefiting customers a top priority. Promotional videos do not always work as most of the viewers are not looking for such a thing to watch.

One great example of an effective video production is the Wells Fargo. It all started with a print magazine they have offered to small audiences that moved them to embrace a digital platform. Though they were able to integrate video production successfully, they eventually realized that what they have done was not enough.

Just like other businesses, Wells Fargo also has to deal with competition. There are other content competitors and companies that make the small business community a target as well, and Wells Fargo found out that they need to go beyond just creating basic topics. They need to research better ways to attract their audience and making engaging video contents become their line of attack.

Creating video content is something their audience actually wanted. They use eye-catching graphics and short-but-precise title cards. Their videos also employ relatable people and catchy titles focusing on the real needs of their viewers.

In providing financial services or products, integrating a video might not be enough. You need to implement a video content strategy that does not mess up. Work with a professional video production company and create highly professional video contents that will serve you best!

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