9 Valuable Tools For Your Digital Marketing Agency

9 Valuable Tools For Your Digital Marketing Agency

The world of digital marketing is vast and complex, thus any digital marketing agency needs to make sure that they are utilizing every resource at their disposal in order to yield the best results for clients.  If these resources can be free, even better!

Technology is never stagnant so digital marketing agency work can be make easier with useful apps and tools that can accommodate the times.   Today we will take a look at 9 valuable tools and apps that will simplify your work and help keep your clients happy.


Canva is a well-established tool.  The first version was made available in 2012 and is incredibly versatile.  Unfortunately, it is also misunderstood.  But don’t be afraid of the out of the box materials because they will be assets as you create unique and high quality marketing materials.  One of the main benefits of Canva is their emphasis on making social media marketing images as easy as possible.  They provide templates, or you can make your own.  It’s been successful because it’s incredibly user friends and when used efficiently can cut your agency work time in half.  Granted, this app requires a bit of practice before you get the hang of it, but for a free tool that allows you to create everything from Twitter pictures to a detailed flyer, the initial time spent on the learning curve is well worth it.

Google Trends – amazing tool for Digital Marketing Agency

This is a lesser-known tool that you need to have on your radar.  Google Trends is amazingly helpful with regards to market research and can be a huge help to any team.  As a marketer, if you need to know what your clients and buyers are talking about, this is the tool for you.  It gives you an instant blog post and also helps you navigate improvements and changes that can be made.  If you are a brand that is striving to know as much as you can in a competitive market, you need to be using Google Trends.


Hemingway caters to the content aspect of marketing.  True to it’s namesake, Hemingway takes a page from the writer’s style and converts your wordy copy in to clear concise prose.  Ideal for streamlining blogs and press releases, it can even help tweak Facebook updates.  This tool will increase effectiveness and get your writing the attention it deserves.

Wistia – Video Platform tailor-made for Digital Marketing Agency

If you work in a digital marketing agency, you will fall in love with Wistia.  It provides and alternative to YouTube in the form of a video platform that seems to tailor-made for digital marketing agency.  Nowadays, almost every client requires some kind of video output for their marketing needs, so it’s important to have options at your disposal.

It comes with a widespread array of tools included that allow you to publish and market the videos.  For example, it has call-to-action buttons, and email capture forms.  It also has video capabilities for any device so you won’t miss viewers using mobiles or tablets.  This tool is a hidden-gem that will enhance client engagement.  It is free, but there is also a paid option that allow for perfect video uploading and distribution.


Don’t let the name fool you; this is a great tool.  This app allows you to peek into the user experience by watching your site as it’s being used.  This is a huge boon for digital marketing agencies as they endeavor to understand audience perceptions.  It allows you a chance to really see what people think about your website and apps, and any other digital aspects that you are managing for your clients.  An excellent tool for testing sites, it can be used on mobile devices too.  

Creating blog posts?  Check out heat maps to see how the reader goes through the post.  Sending tweets or social media updates? See exactly where they take the reader and follow every click.  This top quality user-testing tool will help you navigate the environment you’ve created for users to see where things are going right and where change is needed.  It’s definitely worth checking out Peek.


Unsplash provides you with hundreds of free images, but it’s beloved by users because the free price tag doesn’t compromise quality.  Images are high quality and unique, obviously captured by those with a genuine passion for photography rather than generic stock shots.  It’s an amazing free resource when looking for pictures to boost your social media game.


Buzzstream has been around for a while, but if you’ve overlooked it in the past, they’ve made some changes that make it worth a second chance.  Among other things, the main benefit of Buzzstream is that it gives digital marketing agencies an excellent way to connect with influencers; who are an increasingly important asset in todays marketing space.  

This platform not only helps you find out where to focus attention and identify decision-makers but also to track the impact of influencers.  It keeps you organized with campaign management features and helps you target your outreach to get the most bang for your buck.  There is a payment structure for this one, but it is pretty cost-effective when you consider the benefits, and they allow a free-trial so if you aren’t convinced, it’s risk free to give it a try.


Sniply has taken a basic idea and cultivated it beautifully.  Sniply allows you to put a call-to-action button on every piece of content you create, allowing people to follow links to more content or special offers.  If they like what they read, they are more likely to click the link.  Adding links isn’t anything new, but sniply will help you the curate the process to make it smooth and effective for the audience, guiding them on their way.  The concept isn’t new, but Sniply takes what you are already doing and adds an extra marketing layer to take things one-step further.  

Hit Tail

If you are working on content marketing, Hit Tail is what you need to ensure a great campaign.  This one requires a little bit of a history lesson: Years ago digital marketing agencies started to recognize that ranking keywords was becoming increasingly challenging.  As the market became more and more saturated, ranking on Google and other search engines became incredibly difficult, especially for new brands seeking to make a name for themselves.  Then came ‘long tail’ keywords.  These are more complex keywords phrases that when used correctly, allow brands to reach a bigger market.  

Hit Tail boast of analyzing over 1.3 billion keywords.  It’s effective and will save you time by helping you to navigate the competitive world of keyword ranking.  There are several different payment plans available, but the reward of finding the right long tail keywords to get your clients more hits is well worth it.   

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