B2B Companies Should Not Neglect Social Media Marketing; and Here’s Why

B2B Companies Should Not Neglect Social Media Marketing; and Here’s Why

Social Media Marketing has become an expectation in America; any company big or small, needs to be on it. Social Media Marketing is important for a lot of reasons: it makes you appear more relevant in searches, keeps your business name in the public eye, and allows the company to contribute to the intellectual space of its field. But the jury is still out on whether or not social media is a must for B2B companies.

Today I’d like to look at this question and tell you why Social Media Marketing is critical in the world of B2B companies. I will spare you the pat answers about remaining competitive, keeping your voice relevant and keeping stakeholders in the loop and focus on the lesser known ways that social media can be an asset to your B2B company.

Social Media Marketing Can Contribute to a New Surge of Interest

When strategically planned, B2B companies can use social media to bring attention to golden nuggets on your website that may have been overlooked or forgotten. Followers can be made aware of new or reminded of past press coverage that highlights your company. Trends that show how you are relevant in today’s market can be pointed out, and successes can be celebrated. This kind of information can attract potential customers, investors, partners and press. The more eyes on your company the more important your impact in the B2B companies world will become.

Social Media Marketing can also be used to celebrate specific people who are influential as well as recognize up and comers. People like to see companies recognizing the work that is being done in the background, so giving credit to your rising stars will bring positive attention to the business. Those who are brought to the fore on social media can then become familiar faces at public events such as trade shows and conferences, giving your organization a personal touch that will increase appeal.

Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Loyalty

In the competitive world of B2B companies, reposting content is not going to help you stand out. But when used wisely, social media can give a voice to your brand that will help the public better understand who you are and what your represent. When people get on board with what you stand for, they will become increasingly loyal to your brand.  Using language carefully, posting company opinions and values, and special event promotions will draw attention and help people feel like they know you and your business. When someone sees that a company is in line with their belief system, trust is built and a connection is formed. The more they feel a connection, the more your company will stand out from the others

Provides Opportunities to Show Understanding, Compassion and Caring

Society is growing tired of big box companies with not personal touch. Showing that you genuinely care for your customers will go a long way. Social Media Marketing can be used to highlight emotional language that is understanding, compassionate and caring. This will engage with potential clients to help them see that you care. Naturally, follow up will be required and social media can be used to answer questions and address concerns to show that that company is invested in their interests.  

Social Media Marketing has become the front line worker, and is often a potential clients first introduction to the company.  Because of this, every post and every image must be a reflection of your company voice. To help ensure this, follow (or develop if you don’t have one) the company style guide to guarantee that all communication be it written or visual be consistent with the company objectives and the brand.

Granted, these may seem like obvious examples to some of today’s B2B companies marketers.  But they are worth emphasizing because they are so vital to a company’s success. When working in partnership with your marketing team, social media can have a remarkable impact on the success and reach of your company. As your social media followership increases, you may just find business to be booming.

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