You can Now Hire Digital Agencies in Hong Kong with Confidence

You can Now Hire Digital Agencies in Hong Kong with Confidence

How to hire digital agencies in Hong kong with confidence?

Your company has a project and you need to hire digital agencies in Hong Kong to deliver.

However, you are very likely encountering one of the following:

  • It is time-consuming when you try to reach agencies and request for quotations?
  • Are digital agencies not responsive enough?
  • You are not confident about the agencies quality? As most of them promise they can deliver?
  • You cannot leave the agencies halfway although they are under-performed as you don’t want to lose your deposit?

That is where 2Easy can assist.

2Easy is an all-in-one digital agencies hiring platform in Asia (headquartered in Hong Kong), covering digital services include:

When you have a project on hand and need a quality agency to deliver, 2Easy is the best place you can find and hire service providers! Here are the easy steps: 

  1. Submit your project to 2Easy. 2Easy reviews and assists.
  2. Our AI system handpicks 2 to 3 agencies for you, assuring that they are able to deliver your project. They send you a reply or quote in a day.
  3. Check agencies’ portfolio and communicate with them. 2Easy allows you to compare their portfolio easily and select the right one.
  4. Ready to hire? Click “Hire” now!
  5. If you have a concern with the agency, particularly if they are based in overseas. We have a 2Easy Escrow service for you. Pay 2Easy to hire the agency, we only release payment to the vendor if you are satisfied!


How 2Easy helps in finding an digital agency/vendor?

You can submit a project request, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven matching system recommends the best-fit digital agencies in Hong Kong (and Asia). Then, communicate and hire the digital agency on 2Easy with a click. Typically, you will need to contact several agencies to verify if they are able to deliver. The process takes up to a week or more. Now, it only takes you a few minutes. Our hiring specialist will get in touch with you to understand further about the project. Then, the quality agencies reply and send you a quotation.  

Get introduced to the best agency!

Are you not certain about the quality of the digital agencies in Hong Kong?

Worry no more! You can find the digital agencies’ portfolio on 2Easy Works. With 2Easy Works, you can browse digital agencies’ portfolios like never before. If you find one that fits your project, easily connect with the creator/producer on 2Easy, explain to them that you are expecting something like one of the portfolios they have produced before. It will be much easier for the service provider to understand your expectation.

Now, you no longer have to listen to sweet talks. You can finally see some real results and hire with confidence.

You can check out the portfolios of different digital agencies in Hong Kong (and other places in Asia) and compare, select one that meets your requirements. Then start communicating with them!

Browse agency portfolios

Agencies Hiring with Protection?

Do you have a concern if the agencies do not deliver what they promise? And you are afraid of losing your deposit? Or they give you an unpleasing surprise when you receive a bill end of the month?

You cannot leave the digital agencies that easily as you have already put down a deposit. We know your pain. There are bad apples who may be taking advantage of their clients, especially if you have been doing business with them for quite some time. For that reason, we encourage clients to switch agencies if they are unable to deliver.

2Easy is launching an escrow program. If you are happy with an agency and ready to hire, you can pay a deposit to 2Easy, combined with the agreement you sign with the agency. 2Easy only releases the payment to the agency if you are happy with their work, based on the terms and conditions both parties agree at the first place.

Hire Digital Agencies, Find 2Easy!
Hire Digital Agencies, Find 2Easy!

What’s more? If you are hiring an overseas digital agency, you are not afraid the agency running away. For many reasons, you could be interested in hiring a foreign agency, whether it’s pricing, quality of work or whatsoever. But you are not protected because they are in overseas. Now, 2Easy can step in to resolve the conflict.

Hiring an agency can be protected now with 2Easy!

Hiring an agency can be protected now with 2Easy!

Still Not Sure About The Service You Need? Talk To Us for Free Consultancy!

If you are not certain about the type of service or agency you need to deliver your project, our hiring specialists are ready to assist and advice. We will explain about the services you need, market rate, issues you need to be aware of before hiring. Most importantly, the service is entirely FREE! . 

You are more than welcome to talk to us about your project, and our digital agencies. We love stories. We are more than happy to share our ideas and success stories of digital agencies with you. You will always get a bright idea of what you need and what to achieve.

Hire Digital Agencies, Find 2Easy!

Thinking about the best digital agency for your next project? Get introduced to the best at 2Easy. It’s Free!

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