What makes them the top video production agencies in Hong Kong?

What makes them the top video production agencies in Hong Kong?

What makes them the top video production agencies in Hong Kong?

We love videos, don’t we? From the old school television to mobile phone, videos remain the winning tool drawing our attention, across all different devices despite the changing content consumption behavior. A moving picture is worth a million people, businesses can’t wait to invest big bucks in it to promote their businesses, whether it’s a product or the company itself. What makes a successful marketing video? We probably want to leave this heavy responsibility to the professional video advertisement production agency, however, it’s worth for us to understand what makes a good video advertisement, and who are the top video production agencies who can deliver.

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A strong message conveyed in the video is always the key. You want your target audience to receive the message, whether it’s introducing a new product, raising awareness about a brand, introducing your company, there is always a message and you want the audience to act after watching your video. If the video and the message attract them and even embed in their mind, it’s undoubtedly that you have a successful commercial video.

Aesthetically Attractive

One of the deciding factors in the video is the aesthetically attractive pictures. Due to the ultra-short attention span, a video must have to be attractive enough to catch their attention and stay for the first few seconds. Many videos may have a great content or ending, however, they fail to draw the attention of the audience to finish watching the video.

Here are some of the impressive videos produced by top video production agencies listed on 2Easy that could relate to any one of us.

A clear message delivered through a short video, a simple theory but hard to deliver.

Awarded Promotional Animation “Why Hong Kong?”

A beautiful video introducing Hong Kong


A clear message delivering the new milestone of Hong Kong International Airport

Coca-Cola Personal Roads – Explainer Video

A short video explaining a Coca-Cola mobile app marketing campaign – Achieve more than 100,000 downloads during the campaign


Promoting a promotional event co-organized by Swire properties and Lego


Promoting a traditional expo in Victoria Park

AIA Electric Run Hong Kong 2014

A video recording a marketing campaign organized by AIA – A world-renowned Insurance company

Are you impressed with the videos above? You can now connect with the producers to deliver your next project!

If you have a marketing project that involves many types of services and agencies, don’t worry. You can leave the project to 2Easy, https://www.2easy.io/category/video-production. Our Project Manager will assist you throughout the hiring process. For example, do you see the Coco-Cola mobile app marketing campaign above? It involves a number of agencies, including IT agency to produce and deliver the mobile app, a marketing agency to coordinate with all the road authorities and execute the campaign, top video production agencies to create an introduction video about the campaign. In this case, 2Easy can help you out in filtering and hiring the right partners. Contact us here.

For more video portfolio and top video production agencies, please visit  https://www.2easy.io/works/video-motion

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