Viral Marketing & Video: the key to success in digital marketing

Viral Marketing & Video: the key to success in digital marketing

Viral Marketing & video: From television to social media, videos have been the main channel of digital marketing.

Viral Marketing Key: Video as the key component in the Social Media Era

Video easily attracts attention compared to other kinds of media content, thanks to its diverse variety. They could be live action filming, CG effects (computer-generated imagery and graphics), dynamic design, etc. All of the different elements contribute to an attractive video that effortlessly captures attention, yet transmits right messages within a short timeframe. In the most recent decade, we have entered an era where social media has become the primary source of information. The design of social media has significantly improved the chance of video spreading all over the world and going viral, and changed the viewing behaviours, for instance, attention span is remarkably shorter than ever before.

The importance of quality video in viral digital marketing

Back then, television was the primary medium to watch videos, audience are the passive users to receive video content and the degree of freedom was low. However, when comes to social media, users can choose the content they are interested in. The rapid development of video production technology, resulting in its low technical threshold, companies of all sizes are making videos to stand out, producing an overwhelming number of videos. To catch the target audience attention, a good strategy and aesthetic design in video production are the keys. The quantity of video is not what you need, but quality. The audience are more likely to spend their time on quality videos, compared to unappealing or claptrap videos, quality videos can easily have a longer lifespan on social media and reach more audience. In the digital world where live action filming dominates, the use of dynamic images video offers people a fresh impression, makes the video more vibrant and vivid.

Branding and video in marketing strategies

There are two main types of online marketing videos,

  • Improve brand awareness and brand exposure to reach potential customers (Brand Video);
  • Infographics Video and Explainer Video that build and maintain an engraved brand image, establishes good relationships and interacts with customers.

No matter what kind of film production, they must be complementary with digital marketing strategies to optimise the best results. If the business itself already has a clear market positioning and a sound digital marketing plan, the film needs to fit the strategies. On the other hand, if the company does not have a well-planned strategy or the strategy is outdated, creating a new marketing video can build up an appropriate image and viral marketing strategy.

A well-thought-out video strategy includes the selection of content, the length of the film and the platform for its release. As for the aesthetics aspect, especially the concept of art, it is necessary to fit the brand image and characteristics to make the whole brand more consistent.

As one of the front-line marketing tools, videos are capable of narrating a provoking brand story and catching audience attention, then brands present a soft sales strategy to bring your brand concept to the audience. Coupled with the current consumer model, potential customers tend to find products and services for themselves. During the process, they may come to your video content and learn more about your products. Thus, you can catch their attention in a faster mode, and the result is amplifying.

A unique and engaging brand story, combined with great design and targeted marketing and video strategies, can bring the potential of the film to the greatest degree, surpassing your expectations and achieving unprecedented results.

Written by: eMotionLab, Mandy

Translated by: 2Easy

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