10 Excuses You Must Know From Bad Copywriters

10 Excuses From Bad Copywriters

10 Excuses you must know from bad copywriters

You have to know that there are many unethical copywriters trying to cheat businesses’ money, regardless of freelance copywriter or writing company. They assume you are like a cash machine and they can withdraw cash from you whenever they need.

Whether you are looking for a website copywriter, advertising copywriter, etc, you are not stupid, you know when someone is not being honest, and probably you need to find someone to validate it.

Now, it’s time for you to know the truth and understand the true meaning behind every lie. So you will know how to verify a good copy writer.

Here are 10 of the most common lies copywriters like to tell. Take a look, so you’ll be ready:

  1. Copywriters: “I can’t quote you until I know more about your project.”

Every project is unique, but quality copywriters would have idea to at least rate and estimate every single project. If they don’t have an idea about the project, they are not worth the money you are going to pay them. Good copywriters should have clearly displayed their charges upfront, and will not hide for additional charges.

If they come out with this statement, you know that you are communicating with either a new writer who does not have much of idea about the market rate and will need to do a survey, or a sneaky writer needs some time to think how much money they can withdraw from you.


  1. “I need to know your budget before I can quote.”

Does my budget have anything to do with your charges? Are you thinking to take all of it?

If they ever come out with this question, you will know they try to charge you just more than your budget so they can make as much as possible from you.

But how good writers respond? They will not ask how much budget you have for the project, they will ask you what is the purpose of the project and provide suggestions to save your money.

  1. “I’m qualified, because I have a degree in English or English Literature or Classic.”

You need to know that a university degree has nothing to do with copywriting. Many top copywriters do not have a degree certificate, but they know what the market needs and write something to meet the market demand. They understand customers; they are more like a sales person! They can generate sales with written words!

The final results are obviously more important than their degrees. Top copywriters do not show you their degree, but they show you what they have done with other clients and how their writing generates sales for their clients.


  1. “I need plenty of time for this piece of writing, so I have to quote this fee.”

Guess what? Time taken has got nothing to do with the result. Good copywriters can create fabulous work in minutes. They know what to write upfront because of their experience and skills. They charge high because of their experience and skills, not because of the long time needed. Copywriters charge by hour are obviously those who work slow, and probably they do not know what to do.

  1. “I cannot find your email, it was in my spam folder.”

I believe this does not happen only on poor copywriters, but many other low quality service providers. They try to avoid dealing with you, and therefore come out with the lame excuse. Most likely, they cannot deliver the copy on time, or they are not interested in doing what you have requested.

Good copywriters understand time is money in business, they never give excuses. And they have the habit of checking spam folders regularly.

A small tip here would be installing email tracking plugin. You can track if the recipient has read your email, so you will have a proof.

  1. “My timetable is packed, I will have to charge you extra for your work”.

This is a psychological game and it works! Now you are in rush, and you need the copywriter more than he/she does, so you will have to pay more.

But the reality is, top copywriters do not squeeze time for anyone. If they can squeeze time for your project, that means they do have time! And there are limited number of top copywriters in the market, they are in high-demand and do not need to play psychological game with you. Clients are lining up for them and they do not need your money for survival. If they can’t do your job, they will reject you nicely.


  1. “You get what you pay for.”


We are not buying tangible goods here, so please forget about this misleading statement. You can find high-priced, low quality copywriters, yet, you can also find many low-priced, fabulous copywriters. High priced does not mean they are good. They charge high because they want to make you feel they are prestigious, they are good and they are hard to reach.  And definitely, they don’t say something mean to you.

Good copywriters will show you their amazing portfolios and how their works bring value to their clients. They don’t humiliate verbally to make you feel bad. Most of the time, they are just irresponsible for doing a good piece.


  1. “This copy will sell anyone.”

Any copywriter knows this is a lie. Copywriting is just like another marketing strategy, you plan your marketing strategically to reach a specific target group. The copy cannot appeal all and sell all.

If they come out with this statement, very likely, their copy is too general and do not have any specific points that hit the right issues, suggest problems, give convincing ideas and drive in your potential customers.

There are many types of targeting writing, web copywriting and advertising copywriting are completely different things. You have to understand where your target audience is, and choose the best copywriter who has relevant portfolio for your work.

  1. “I know what I’m doing, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

We all know, people who point out they know what they are doing don’t know what they are actually doing. And trust me means something else.

Ability and self-confidence can be gained through good piece of work. But communicating in an arrogant way demonstrates they don’t actually know what they are doing, but try to stay in an authority status.

Obviously, we don’t easily blame on the copywriters if they give out any of the excuses above, but if we put them together, that means they are really hiding something. And its your job to spot them.

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  1. It’s rather sad that you would put copywriters in a bad light. Most copywriters I know are professional and organized. Let’s remember the role of a copywriter in direct marketing. The copywriter is the professional who connects the desires of the customer with the benefits of the product. The result? The potential customer buys the product.

    Extremely important.

    Next time, why don’t you write a blog detailing why copywriters are so valuable?

    1. Hey Scott,

      Thanks for your reply. I am not saying all copywriters are bad, many copywriters I know are professional and superb in direct marketing. But there are some poor quality ones. So the reason I wrote the blog is to remind clients how to differentiate the good and the bad ones.

      Thanks for your suggestion. I am definitely going to talk about how copywriters can improve company sales! I know many companies do not want to hire copywriters, they think “everyone can write”, which is not true. So I am going to talk about why are copywriters so valuable next.

      Thanks Scott


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