A Digital Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Startups and SMEs

A Digital Marketing Plan for Startups and SMEs

Marketers tend to focus on huge marketing campaigns to draw everyone’s attention. These campaigns are flashy, generating large effects to the community.However, Startups and SMEs have only limited budget, hoping to generate the biggest result with the smallest investment. Now, you could apply the following 4 steps to develop a kickass digital marketing plan for your business.

  1. How to choose a digital marketing platform?

Competition is intense online. To win, you need to plan, manage and optimize digital channels against defined targets. There are too many social platforms, you need to know where you potential customers are. For example, if you sell home decor products/fashion/jewellery, targeting female over 35 years of age, Pinterest is for you. If you target on professionals, LinkedIn would be a better idea.

You also need to measure the performance of each advertising (digital marketing) campaign you execute. For instance, if you put down $100 on Facebook and Pinterest respectively for an digital marketing campaign, you receive 100 Likes on Facebook but no sales, on the other hand, you receive only 10 followers on Pinterest and 2 Sales. Which platform would you like to invest further next? Pinterest is not too bad since you did make money from there right?

  1. How to let your potential customers know about you on the platform?

–       Obviously, paid advertising (digital marketing) is the best option to build up your first group of targeted audience. It is good for you to gather the first group of your clients. As soon as the first group of followers built, let’s say 500, then you need to utilise this group of followers become your brand ambassadors or customers.

–       You need to constantly post useful and beneficial content to your audience to attract them stick with your platform and build trust on you. Please do not assume people will come and buy from you once you build an account on Facebook and upload some images, this no longer works in this competitive online business world. If you sell cookies, then you can constantly post the beautiful images of cookies, some good cookies recipes, tips to make good cookies, etc. If they like your content, they will share it with their family and friends.

–       You need to constantly measure the number of visitors to your profile page, how many of them read your posts, how many of them share your posts out, what are the popular topics, etc.  

  1. Integrate Online Purchase Function on your profile page or website

–       You need to assume your customers don’t know anything and you need to guide them step by step. Provide a PURCHASE button on the product page so that customers can buy immediately. Buying is an impulsive action, you need to lure your customers to buy immediately. If you only leave a comment box on your product page, customers need to leave a message to contact you, then you reply and advice the buying process, the whole shopping experience takes too long and the customer’s impulse may fade away eventually.

–       You need to measure, how many visitors to your webpage, what’s the conversion rate (visitors become real customers), how much they buy for each transaction, how to maximize their order amount, etc.

  1. Customer feedback

–       You need to know what your customers think about your products. There was a business experiencing superb sales in his brick-and-mortar store, the repeat sales of each customer is particularly high. However, the repeat sales on his website are extremely low, customers never return for the second purchase. He called and then found that the packaging of the product was poor and led to bad condition during courier. He then improved the packaging and things changed.

–       Customers never volunteer themselves to provide feedback, you need to aggressively to seek for their feedback. A contact form on “Contact Us” page is no longer useful. You probably need to contact customers yourself, or you provide a gift whenever they provide feedback. The contact form has to be as obvious as possible, you must cut down the number of buttons they need to click to land on the page.

–       You need to measure the number of repeat purchase, their satisfaction level, their loyalty to your platform, how likely they will recommend your brand to family and friends, etc.  

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